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Celebrating 4/20, The Ultimate Cannabis Holiday

4/20 may only be a date for some, but it is a grand occasion for the developing and progressively standard cannabis culture. Brought into the world of stoner legends, 4:20 p.m. was the weekly meeting time for five California secondary school students nicknamed the Waldos, In 1971. San Rafael High School students Steve Capper, Mark […]

Chris Webber announces $100M Cannabis Social Equity Fund

Former NBA All-Star Chris Webber announces $100M Cannabis Social Equity Fund with JW Asset Management. Previous NBA All-Star player Chris Webber is propelling private-equity finance fund with resources worth US$100 million for visionary business minority groups within the cannabis industry, growing the cannabis fund . Webber will collaborate with JW Resource Management, a dynamic investor […]

Fund worth $10 million by Rap Mogul and Jay Z for minorities

Jay Z launches fund for minority owned-cannabis-startups A $10 million fund has been set up by Rap Mogul and businessman JAY-Z. The fund will contribute to minority-owned cannabis companies. The rap tycoon has his own cannabis brand and has been very vocal about the Cannabis industry’s diversity problem. “We were the most adversely influenced by […]

Can Cannabis Use Affect Creativity And Focus?

Can Cannabis use affect Creativity and Focus? Does cannabis use affect the the way we create and focus? Cannabis and creativity are often depicted as connected, especially in mainstream media. From expertly created themed items, breathtaking hand-blown bongs, to many renditions and portrayals of cannabis users in media. All of this ultimately fed more into […]

Look Inside the New “Cannabis SuperStore”

Look Inside the New “Cannabis SuperStore” New Cannabis Superstore has the biggest dispensary in the world, Planet 13, broke ground on its brand-new SuperStore. Found in Santa Ana, California, Planet 13’s Orange District Cannabis SuperStore entertainment complex, is expected to open on July 1, 2021. Its CEO’s have dubbed  it Planet 13 2.0, due to […]


SHOULD YOU HIDE CANNABIS EXPERIENCE ON YOUR RESUME? A cannabis resume needs to be prepared well because the cannabis industry is a great space to develop your profession, but with the pandemic still affecting millions, life can become unpredictable. Plans change, and if you are looking for opportunities in other business sectors, you may address […]

US cannabis industry now supports 321,000 full-time jobs

US cannabis industry now supports 321,000 full-time jobs The recent 2021 Leafly Jobs Report, revealed 321,000 full-time equivalent (FTE) occupations upheld by lawful cannabis as of January 2021. The report completely incorporates both plant-touching and auxiliary positions, which includes everybody from budtenders to accountants. The United States, now has more legitimate cannabis labourers than EMTs […]

The Car is Stronger Than Steel and it’s Made From…Hemp!

These Cars are Stronger Than Steel – and They’re Made From….Cannabis Hemp! With climate change affecting the world, there are several innovative ideas on handling contaminating emanations from a vehicle. These ideas range from hydrogen-powered modules to the electric car. Perhaps one solution to creating more bio-fuel vehicles and reducing carbon emissions lies in Henry […]

Taking a bite of the Cannabis Industry: Funny Lady Edibles

Taking a bite of the Cannabis Industry: Funny Lady Edibles Edibles have become the fastest developing products in the Cannabis industry. They are an alternative popular way to consume cannabis, especially amongst those who cannot inhale it. What you should know Edibles is an umbrella term for cannabis imbued items, like food, refreshments, baked products, […]

Distell and Remgro target the cannabis industry

Distell and Remgro target the cannabis industry with a joint venture JSE-recorded firms Distell and Remgro have stepped into the Cannabis arena with a strong interest in Rethink’s cannabis wellness brand. Remgro contributes with its venture capital arm, Invenfin, and the two firms have each bought a 20% stake in the Rethink brand and scope […]

Types of jobs in cannabis

The cannabis industry focuses on four main sectors—cultivation, lab/extraction, manufacturing and retail. Businesses that own all areas of their production are called vertically integrated cannabis businesses. We chose to focus on these four segments of the industry because they include the most cannabis-specific roles. Cultivation The cannabis plant starts in cultivation facilities, wherehorticulturists grow the […]

Manufacturing Professions & Occupations

Manufacturing Professions & Occupations Manufacturing operations package and prepare cannabis products for sale. Common positions in manufacturing include VP of producing, Production Supervisor, Product Technician, Edibles Specialist and Packager. VP of Manufacturing The VP of producing is primarily responsible for ensuring projects start and finish on time by overseeing product development of quality goods. Production […]

Lab/Extraction Professions & Occupations

Lab/Extraction Professions & Occupations Lab/extraction operations are the facilities where cannabis testing and extraction take place. Common positions in lab/ extraction include Director of Extraction, Extraction Manager, Quality Manager, Compliance Manager and Chemist. Director of Extraction The Director of Extraction, also known as the Lab Director, owns the development of post-harvest processes, performs chemical analysis […]

Cultivation Professions & Occupations

Cultivation Professions & Occupations Cultivation professions and operations are the facilities where cannabis plants grow to maturation. Common positions in cultivation include Director of Cultivation, Grow Manager, Grower/Horticulturist and Trimmer. The Director of Cultivation The Director of Cultivation is responsible for overseeing operations of all cultivation facilities, managing cultivation agents, establishing standard operating procedures and […]

Retail Professions & Occupations

Retail operations are adult-use and/or medical dispensary locations accessible to patients and/or consumers. Common positions in retail include VP of Retail, Director of Retail, Dispensary Store Manager, Visual Merchandiser and Budtender.   Vice President of Retail Operations The Vice President of Retail Operations develops and establishes long and short-range strategic objectives for the retail organization […]