Look Inside the New “Cannabis SuperStore”

New Cannabis Superstore has the biggest dispensary in the world, Planet 13, broke ground on its brand-new SuperStore. Found in Santa Ana, California, Planet 13’s Orange District Cannabis SuperStore entertainment complex, is expected to open on July 1, 2021. Its CEO’s have dubbed  it Planet 13 2.0, due to its gigantic computerized screen shows and impressive tech-art establishments.

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What you should know

The plot adds up to 55,000-square-feet for the whole building, with 16,500 square feet designated for the cannabis superstore dispensary.  The other zones are reserved for smaller stores and businesses (in Las Vegas, Planet 13 houses a Mexican eatery called Trece Restaurant and Spirits).

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Found at 3400 Warner Ave Suite A, the new SuperStore will be Planet 13’s most significant retail area, sitting at 112,000 square feet. The Las Vegas-based company was very fastidious in arranging some time to grow the most prominent commercial centre in the nation. Larry Scheffler, Planet 13’s Co-CEO and co-chairman of the board, highlighted how much thought went into the SuperStore’s plan.

“We’re calling it Santa Ana Planet 13 2.0. It has more high-tech in its designs and is an attraction, it has to be a destination. Everyone wants to be entertained,” he stressed.

Interactive Space for All

The store is designed to attract both the general public and cannabis aficionados, with the 40,000-sq.-ft lot incorporating an entertainment space with attractions as well as a 16,500-sq.-ft. Cannabis dispensary housing 45 to 50 registers. The company in future would also like to introduce space for enterprises to lease. (Nevada legalized the adult-use of  cannabis in 2017.) The company will also introduce event spaces for enterprises to rent.

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Indeed, amid the glitz and neon of Las Vegas, Planet 13 will be difficult to miss, the roof will highlight 4-meter-tall lotus blossoms (13 in all) lit with LEDs with acrylic and metal stems, the lotus blooms can be controlled by clients, with the control boards being situated close to an outdoor water feature.

The lobby of the building boasts sensory-activated LED flooring that provides an interactive entrance as you move further into the space. A shining ethereal sphere hangs over the dispensary floor and there is  laser spray painting, where guests can leave their unique compositions and drawings.

(Photo: Planet13)

A cluster of 3D visuals will be used as dividers all throughout space. “We have produced a faithful client base in Las Vegas at our current dispensary and are certain that the superstore will be a solid draw in for the 55 million guests, from around the world that come to the city each year,” Robert Groesbeck, co-CEO and board member of Planet 13, added. Planet13 aims to vertically coordinate cannabis company development, production and dispensary operations in Las Vegas.

(Photo: Los Angeles Times, Gina Ferazzi)

Las Vegas style destination ‘Cannabis superstore’

The company, as of now, works a dispensary in Las Vegas that’s authorized for therapeutic and recreational deals. It moreover holds two development licenses in Nevada. “After an exhaustive search, we discovered a great location three miles from the South Coast Square Shopping centre, which has 24 million guests a year and is a brief 10-minute drive from Disneyland, with 18 million guests per year,” Scheffler added.

“There are roughly 1.5 million individuals that fly from the Los Angeles bowl to Las Vegas each year, with numerous more making the brief four-hour drive. It was a logical brand expansion for us,” Groesbeck added. He anticipates the Santa Ana area to become one of the most significant cannabis dispensaries within the world. Planet 13 is found a few blocks off the Las Vegas Strip and provides entertainment, eateries and cannabis processing hardware that the company uses to make edibles and drinks. The perfect destination, Vegas-style.

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