DURBAN – A Cannabis Convention is set to take place in the province later this year. But there will be no sale of raw cannabis at the venue.

The Cannabis Convention KwaZulu-Natal, or CannaCon KZN, is set to take place from May 3 to 5 at the Northwood Crusaders Sports Club in Durban North.

In a statement, the organisers – Cannabis Development Council Of South Africa, said the event will provide a platform for companies or individuals who are involved in the burgeoning cannabis and hemp industry.

Exhibitors will be able to showcase their products, but in line with present legal frameworks, it will not feature the selling of raw cannabis.

The convention is also set to host daily lecturers of cannabis including health-related issues and the role of cannabis in ‘saving the natural world through hemp and medicines’.

Exhibition director, Krithi Thaver, said: “An event such as this is way overdue in KZN and we need to highlight cannabis in a positive way as opposed to the negative stigma as it has had in the past.”

No under 18’s will be allowed to the event, as cannabis consumption by minors remains a crime.  Those interested in being involved with CannaCon KZN may contact the organisers on

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