Cultivation Professions & Occupations

Cultivation operations are the facilities where cannabis plants grow to maturation. Common positions in cultivation include Director of Cultivation, Grow Manager, Grower/Horticulturist and Trimmer.   The Director of Cultivation The Director of Cultivation is responsible for overseeing operations of all cultivation facilities, managing cultivation agents, establishing standard operating procedures and meeting production goals.   The […]

Job Sectors in Cannabis

The cannabis industry focuses on four main sectors—cultivation, lab/extraction, manufacturing and retail. Businesses that own all areas of their production are called vertically integrated cannabis businesses. We chose to focus on these four segments of the industry because they include the most cannabis-specific roles.   1. Cultivation The cannabis plant starts in cultivation facilities, where […]

Retail Professions & Occupations

Retail operations are adult-use and/or medical dispensary locations accessible to patients and/or consumers. Common positions in retail include VP of Retail, Director of Retail, Dispensary Store Manager, Visual Merchandiser and Budtender.   Vice President of Retail Operations The Vice President of Retail Operations develops and establishes long and short-range strategic objectives for the retail organization […]